Finding the Goodness of God

Shield of Flowers is a place where we are reminded of the goodness of God. He is good and his mercy endures forever. In moments of hard seasons, seasons where in our humanity it is hard to even call the name of Jesus, or see God for who he is in the situation that life presents, finding his goodness is at times out of the question.

Yet the word of God reminds us that we are to seek, ask, and knock. Calling for us to search for him with all of our hearts, not leaning to our own understanding but trusting him because ultimately he is in control.

We are the flowers who’s life is nothing but a vapor that can easily wilt, but his word, his truth, his holy spirit dwelling in us can heal and sustain us growing us closer to him.

Finding his goodness in the midst of the fog means choosing not to carry the burden alone. Finding his goodness in the midst of pain means that his promises are true and that he will never leave or forsake us. Finding his goodness in the midst of all that grief and hard seasons can bring meaning in that even though we can’t feel it, even though darkness seems more prevalent than light, he is right there fighting for us.

We give him space to be God. Lysa Terkurst said it best, “God is good, and God is good at being God.” There are times where we are only to trust him, seek, ask, and knock in prayer, doing what we can and letting him do the rest. For his yoke is easy and his burden is light.

If you are here and you are looking know that I am too. This blog was created for that purpose. I am right there with you, and God even more so. So lets look together. Here you will find occasionally shared stories, quotes, scriptures, and pray’s that I pray will help you and I both find he goodness of God.

-Finding The Goodness