Welcome To Shield of Flowers

 What if we lived in the truth that we are loved by Jesus and cherished by God?

What if his love was the foundation from which we respond to the call on our lives to be closer to Jesus? We are our own personal journey’s of growth discovering authenticity in practical and spiritual ways. As we learn to slow down and taking time to spend pursing intimacy with Jesus, inviting him into our pain, healing, joy, life and every mess in it we learn what it truly means to be loved and to love.

Jesus has you focus on him above all to show you how to love him, treat him, treat yourself and love yourself. Jesus teaches you how to and walks with as you grow, heal, and serve. From there you learn how to do the same to others around you, grabbing from the abundance of what you have gained and continue to nurture, not from what you want to have or what you don’t have at all.

Shield of Flowers is place to be reminded that you are cherished by God and loved by Jesus no matter what. You are given an opportunity to accept this truth daily and let is hold you, nurture you, and ground you in peace. Through simple story devotionals, and reminders –the garden letters of the strong presence of the love of Christ and the father’s view of who we are in him we learn how to heal physically, mentally, and spiritually.

We are on and in this journey together my sister, my brother you are never alone.

For in him we live, and breathe, and have our being. -Acts 17:28