Holistic Wellness

To Love Yourself


There are days where you go on the internet and you find something that encourages, helps you grow, and even makes you cry a little (tears of joy of course). To know you are not alone in this world, and that someone is going on a journey just you are is very comforting.

The message that I came across this afternoon was from Tracee Ellis Ross a woman that I admire greatly. She talks about what I know I deal with and am on a journey in. She talks accepting yourself, loving yourself as you are right now, and not being the person you think you are supposed to be. It happens when you put on that mask, or do certain things so you will be like the person that you feel you are supposed to be rather than being who you truly are in the moment, in the season you are in. It is so easy to do that, but to be given the freedom by God, his son Jesus, and a great friend (or a friend in your head) to go through life in the skin you really are in, the essence of who you truly are is beyond freeing. The change will come through that authenticity as you love yourself, that God knows every fiber of. He knows every single fiber of our being. He loves us into his  likeness, not in the light of who we can be, but as we are. He sees our potential yes, but he sees our reality as well and builds from that. I am so thankful for that.



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