Story Devos

God The Refuge



“Cease striving and know that I am God…” ~(NASB)

Over the past few days it has been easier to lean on my own understanding, to go off of whatever emotion I am experiencing. Today was the last straw and I found myself in a rut. There is always a call within my spirit in those moments to retreat to a quiet place and get in contact with the lover of my soul. So here we are.

As I made my way to my quiet room a scripture came to my mind. In the King James Version Psalms 46 is a chapter that tells the strength of God and describes the reliable comforting nature of God. This Psalms begins beautifully,  “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble.”  This verse sets the stage as David begins to no only state who God is, but show us as we continue to read. Even though many situations will come against us there is no reason to fear for we are the Tabernacle that dwells in the city of God, that he helps and is a refuge to us.

This refuge to come into this Christmas season and bless every day with a chance to rest in him. To cease from striving to be perfect and finally be still, rest, and pray. This holiday season with all it’s ups and downs can go by so fast that we forget to spend time feeding our spirit what it needs, which is Jesus.

The Christmas tree up shinning, small conversation, and thoughts of the future could all be covered with this sense of rush. In this moment for me there was a disconnection, and  I unappreciative of the gift God has given me once again, a gift that Jesus sits with me in daily. That is life, this life, with all the mundane frustrating moments, and comfort zones to be stepped out of. It took retreating to realize the moment missed and a gained appreciation and patient anticipation of moments to come.

These change of feelings do not come from the promise to “do better”. This change of mindset comes from the foundational truth that no matter what I am cherished enough by God to be given life and loved enough by Jesus for him to sit with me in the noisy moments of life, even if it means I don’t hear him like I should. He still whispers, he still gently tugs on my spirit and once I cease striving, my lord does he feed my soul.

I am thankful for this season

I am thankful for Jesus in the noise

and when the quiet comes I am thankful

for Jesus preparing me, for more to come. ~Merry Christmas




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