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Promises (1)

Jesus does not promise the new job, the family that we have and are desiring to have or the relationship we desire to be in. He does not owe us anything, yet he gave everything because he does promise that when we seek first the kingdom of God all others things will be added on, he does promise that he will never leave or forsake us, he does good for those that love him, he brings us closer to God through our obedience to him in love. He promises us himself, he died for us, he continues to work with us, grow us, be a true friend, giving us access to the father.

His love is beyond all that makes us feel good and goes straight to the core of who we are, truly changing from the inside out. His love last longer, soaks deeper, and heals more than anything we could try to do on our own. He meets us where we are, in what we are doing and reaches out for us. This is so much more than having a good feeling which will come in serving the Lord not knocking joy or happiness. You truly can’t understand and appreciate those bright seasons of life if you have not experienced and seen God in the dark seasons, and some seasons are mixed, truly. We worship in the midnight hour ( in our grief), we worship in the noon day, we worship in the morning when mercies are new.

For he is the same yesterday today and tomorrow when life isn’t. When we lose the job, when the family hasn’t come yet and there has been more loss, when we are single and it hurts to see another engagement photo. These are just a few examples, but life happens and Jesus proves time and time again that he can be trusted that he will walk with us through all the ups and downs of every season of our life. If you haven’t seen that happen it says to taste and see that the Lord is good. Try Jesus as they used to say, just try his way, experience his love, it’ll change you, it’ll develop you, it’ll mature you.

When sometimes I’d rather walk, talk, act as child in life, when I want to give up, when I want to turn away from Jesus to Netflix and YouTube marathons I am once again reminded of this very truth and constant lesson. I am not promised anything but him, He owes me nothing yet gave everything to reconcile me back to the father. And because he owes me nothing and has given me everything what he does give is a gift, and even if all I have is Jesus he is my greatest gift. At times this has to be said with a heavy beating heart, clenched teeth, and tears white knuckling it through it all.

I am required to love him through obedience, through my body as a living sacrifice, through renewing my mind daily in his word, and as I choose him and accept what he gives in him there is life, abundant life. Even within daily death of myself, even within the loss of loved owes, even within all that is broken and a holy consecration bleeds through this brokenness…there is life, he died that we might have it.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. -Matthew 6:33

Let’s Pray:

I thank you Lord for who you are, for being beside me in all seasons of my life, I thank you for your promises beyond what I think I need and beyond what I know I need. I thank you for showing up every time even in times when I can’t feel you. Lord I need you today, in this moment right now to guide me, lead me, and heal me. Lord help me in my hurt and lord through your holy spirit lead me to you. Help me to choose you when I’d rather choose to be numb, to not deal, or to react rather than respond. Help me Lord to practice obedience when I think it is easier to handle it on my own. I need your Lord and cannot do life without you. Amen.


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