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Father’s Fighting For You

“The Lord will fight for you; you only need to be still.”-Exodus 14:14

I was born a fighter. Born to fight, born to never give up, to speak up, to fight my own battles, to keep fighting even if I am bone tired. The brain is designed to keep you alive, so when you get in high pressure situations the hormone cortisol releases toxic stress begins and because the brain is designed to keep you alive you go have two options which is to fight or to run. More times than not fighting was my only option.

Sometimes we fight physically to keep going, sometimes we fight mentally, sometimes depressions comes to because you cannot mentally go, but still fighting to regain strength you search for more, for the answer. We fight to keep relationships alive, even drag our what is dead to keep our own selves alive. We fight by letting go that very thing that was dead, or does not bring us health physically, mentally, verbally, spiritually, or emotionally. Tears puddle, words are expounded, the yalps that are given in daily life and fill the dark ancient caves where those have dwelled in the past shared their own puddled tears, expounded words and yalps.

It is easy to become busy fighting alone thinking that you are enough to fight your battles. You are not. You are enough to fight with God by your side, the spirit of the Lord dwelling in you. His love is the foundation of your life and the reason for daily life.

In Exodus 14:14 Moses says, “The Lord will fight for you, you only need to be still.” This is Moses speaking to the people of Israel right after they were freed from slavery. They had just seen pharaoh and his men coming their way and thought for sure that Moses had brought them out there to die, they even cried out to the Lord.

God guided Moses with the instructions to safety in crossing the Red sea. The Lord fought for them through Moses.

He will fight for you. It may not look like you want it to, hey it would have been better in my eyes for God to destroy Pharaoh and his army. God didn’t want to just fight the enemy on the outside, he also fought for the trust of the Israelite, and just like the Israelites he brings you far from where you were in bondage to newness in your life.

That was the continuation of the the fight, of the love story between a father and his children. The prophets sent, the stories told of old, the call to the father’s heart who sent his son to die because he loved the world, because he loves you.

He fights for you, because he loves you. He longs for your company, your time, your love because he delights in you. He delights in who you are now, he loves you for who you are now, and his love for you beautifully shapes who you are becoming.

It all trickles down to your specific life, the being that you are now. He fought for you before you even knew you needed to be fought for, before you knew him. As humans it is easy to forget that once we say yes to Christ that God fights for us, that we don’t have to constantly physically, mentally, emotionally fight. So instead of constantly being in this spiritual fight or flight that connects to all of our humanity, we can learn to have a trusting relationship with the Lord. That it is possible to have a Heavenly Father that not only delights in you but loves you and cares for you through Jesus Christ.

You don’t have to work endlessly not even knowing what you are holding onto anymore. You can let go and trust God. Knowing that you are building your life on a firm foundation. Knowing that when God is fighting for you that means you trust him. Yes it is scary at times, because you don’t have control over everything in the situation but yourself. Nevertheless in you being still you know who he is and you began to understand who you are in him.

He will fight for you, but not in the way you expect…

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.“- Psalm 23:5

Let’s Pray:

Lord I thank you for who you are, I thank for being a loving father who cares for his children. I thank you for showing up when we’d least expect it, but need you most. It says in your word that if we’d only be still that you’d fight for us, that means we can trust you. Lord in our personal relationship with you I pray that you teach us to trust you, to have comfort in knowing that you are fighting for us on a daily basis. Lord we are tired and desire to rest in you. Teach us Lord to trust and fight with you, not by ourselves. Loving father thank you for walking with us daily. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

Just Listen…


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