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To focus on your calling and purse it alone…

As a child our parents would go tell us to do something like clean up your room. We would go about huffing and puffing or some would just get to the task, but it was up to us to get the task at hand done. That was teaching us stewardship over our room, and the toys that we had meaning the possessions that was bought/ given to us by others i.e. our parents.

It’s written in the word of God that we are not alone, that Jesus will never leave or forsake us. That our task because we love God we will respond to that love through obedience. Our obedience is not a measuring stick or our love, it is stewardship of the love already given before we knew it. For it says in his word that knowledge puffs us up, but love, love makes us known by God. He sees us, he knows us. This stewardship of ourselves, and our relationship with Jesus helps us to build a solid foundation of who he is and who we are in him. Our identity who Jesus says I am, who God sees me to be, and the live words written that continue to speak beyond the page shapes who we are.

I’d forgotten who I was, I knew what obedience looked like and felt like and that was boring to me. Going down my own path now Jesus a consultant from time to time, his spirit a charging station and God who I avoided was what my faith consisted of. The task at hand which was very simple “write” was now mixed with gain social media followers, juggling 5 social media accounts at one time, doing my best to stay relevant, besides pursing my Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and working a part-time job, dealing with daily life, and wondering how to take care of myself through all of this. When you are trying to keep relevant on social media more than keeping yourself grounded in actual life. When you started this task as the means to help others not knowing that you need just as much help, could we say more. Yes this is me now.

Paul who has stolen my heart with his writing and understanding of Jesus writes a response to those to who choose examine him, his intentions. 1 Corinthians 9  In this chapter he talks about how those have a work tend to get provisions from the work they do. How someone who tends to a flock reaps their milk to drink. He says several other examples as well. He then goes onto say he does have the right to gain material possession from the spiritual things he speaks, but he does not, it does not matter. It is more to him that he preaches the word lives out what he is called to do, than to do it just to gain provision. He then shares with an open heart how he has become all things to all people so that he might have saved some. Meeting others where they are being love, showing Jesus, sharing the gospel. He goes on to asks the question of someone who is examining him would ask. What is my reward then? His response brought me to tears.

“I do it all for the sake of the gospel, that I may share with them in it’s blessings…” – 1 Corinthians 9:23

It’s deeper than that. It is always deeper than that. The call to clean your room. God’s call on your life through Jesus Christ. His love keeping you, not by your own doings. It’s all deeper than that. Paul had a foundation that could not be taken by anyone, because not only did he want to share the gospel, he wanted to come alongside those he met along his journey and kneel with them bringing them to Christ, coming to Christ himself.  At the beginning of the prior chapter it talks about how knowledge puffs up, puts you on a pedestal. In the prior chapter it talked about the topic of idols. When Paul healed as Jesus did many began to bend down and worship him. He had to correct them, and pointed them to Jesus, just as Jesus pointed us to Abba God.

Though knowledge puffs up, it is written that  love builds up.

“If anyone imagines that he knows something, he does not yet as he out to know. But if anyone loves God, he is know by God.”

– 1 Corinthians 8:2

Focusing on what we are called to do and doing it on our own. What we are called to do should not isolate us in an unhealthy. It should bring us closer to our identity in Christ and others that are like us and those who are not like us who will remind us how of this love that makes us known by God. It should bring us closer to our knees in prayer for others and ourselves as we go deeper than what we are called to do because what we are called to do is deeper than just a task. It shapes and forms our character, it brings peace to chaos, it may cause stress because it is important, just look at Paul, being beat up, yet still preaching and writing from jail. Our calling brings forth the fruits of the spirit, as his spirit teaches us, why because it is bringing us closer to him.


That I may share with them in it’s blessings… to focus, not alone, with faith.



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