The Storyteller

Hey there! I’m Jaque Taylor. I am storyteller and writer who loves psychology, movies and encouraging others while healing, growing, and learning along the way.

In the midst of my own personal hardship there was and is no other option but to find the goodness of God in the situation, because without that worry and fear would consume my mind over shadowing the voice of God. So I created this blog to just that, to find his goodness and believe in faith that no matter what I can trust the Lord in hard times, daily looking for things to rejoice about.

In the midst of me leaning on the Lord and finding his goodness I spend time writing as well as studying for my bachelors in Psychology. Spending time with my family has become very important and focusing on what really matters.

What I am learning is that taking care of yourself is very important so yoga is a great way to keep the body moving and making sure you putting the nutrients that you actually need in your body is vitally important as well.

That is a little bit about me as you read the stories shared and more you will find out even more. I very thankful you have came across this blog.  I am here to share, encourage, and grow with you.

-Finding The Goodness


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