The Writer


I never know what to say about myself without this coming off as a personal ad for E-harmony.  In light of that very possibility I will do the opposite and answer a few questions as if I was interviewing myself to keep things simple and organzied.

Who are you?

Well dang, that is a hard question… well, here is what I am discovering and doing my best to keep written on my heart. I am a child of God, I am soul that has a spirit. I am loved. I am someone who is on a journey of healing and learning how to love myself along the way, as well as accept who I am now in order to grow.

Why did you start Shield of Flowers?

I was in dark place in my life. I was waiting on church services to save me rather than having a personal relationship with Jesus himself. Knowing about Jesus and actually knowing him is two different things. One night in the midst of temptation I didn’t know where to turn and it was like that moment I could get on my knees and pray or I could wait for the next service to go and get prayer. I chose to get on knees and pray. In that time of prayer Jesus showed me that he loved me and will step in time of temptation. He showed me that I don’t have to live in fear of sin, but in light of his protection and faith in him. After prayer I felt this call to action, to remind others of this love.

What is your mission for Shield of Flowers?

My mission is to get as many to experience a personal loving relationship with Jesus. One that is specific to their own journey, so that they do not have to keep on looking inside of themselves for answers, more so doing life on their own in their own strength when deep inside they are struggling and carrying a weight that is too heavy to carry on their own. Jesus loves you far to much to send you out on this journey without his love, without his guidance.

What do you do outside of writing for Shield of Flowers? 

I am a psychology student so I’m mainly studying. I also sing and write songs (I guess you can consider that writing.) Writing in my journal, spending time in the word, prayer, yoga, aerobics for 30 mins, dancing and warm lavender baths are my self- care routine and something that needs to be done daily if not every other day  to keep healthy, but also connected to Jesus this peace and joy he gives along with those new mercies every morning. I am doing my best to not so much be on Hulu, but I do get my weekly shows in. This Is Us is a good one. I’m learning photography as well even though it’s just taking pictures with my phone. I also like to spend time with my dog max, as well as my family.

What is one thing the reader does not know about you?

Though I am an avid writer, I am an of an avid reader. The book has to be so good that I read it in an entire sitting.

If one of your readers were sitting before you what would you say to them?

Well first I would say, “Hi, I’m Jaque.” (Okay… umm….) I would then say, “I am really glad you are here. I hope you like the content that is provided, besides that I want you to know that you are so loved and cherished by Jesus and God.  There is nothing that you can’t do with Jesus by your side and I’m so glad you have decided to join this community to see what Jesus can do in your life as you in action with him. You’re story matters and through his love your life will continue to be changed. You worth every moment of healing and every drop of love.”  Then I would say, “I’m sorry I didn’t get your name.” Once found that out I would ask them what their story was to get to know them more. (End…)

Well there you go!

I hope you were able to find out more about me personally and even shield of flowers. I am so glad you are here. There is so much more to come. Every month you will get a story, podcast, bible study, and behind the scenes story video that goes into more detail about how the story came about, and inside of the minds of each character. How Jesus personally interacts in their life in that moment captured in story.  We all have unique stories and Jesus meets us where we are as he continuously walks with us step by step. He does this through any way possible because he longs to be with us and loves us dearly. So welcome!

I’d love for you to introduce yourself, I’d love to know more about you!

Feel free to ask any other questions, let’s talk!


P.S. One day I would love to have a dance party! I love to dance. In the mean time while you’re sharing a bit about you we can dance over keyboard to this song:


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